I’m a political junkie. Often critized for taking what our Government does too seriously. I think we can all agree on 2 things.

1. The general public is not well informed.

2. Politicians are a big culprit in keeping the public uninmformed because they spin everything, especially the facts.

Here are some fundamental, simple thoughts that, at least to me, make sense.

1. Does the candidate we are voting for, when making public policy, share my moral and ethical beliefs?

2. Does the candidate who wants to take my money, by way of taxes, want to spend it for good and without waste?

3. Are there good reasons to borrow more money than what is taken in, when the only solution is for future generations to pay off the debt?

4. Should the Government actually have the right to be involved in every part of my life?

5. As a Christian, should I depend on the Government or God?

These are only 5 principles and of course there are more. It is a good start and by knowing the issues, the questions are very easy to answer. More later as I recall……………..


  1. estherlou says:

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    Good points

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