It may seem hard to believe but there are some things both Democrats, Republicans, Christians and non-Christians agree on. I would liken them to the 10 commandments but in the day and age we live in, there are many who do not agree the Biblical 10 commandments are relevent today. So I am at a loss for a name. Perhaps those who read this could word caption it for me.

1. All politicians make promises that they know can not actually be delivered.

2. Most politicians are more concerned about re-election than they are making peoples lives easier.

3. The reason politicians exempt themselves from so many laws is because they view themselves better than most.

4. Politicians believe keeping campaign promises in not neccessary because the electorate will forget.

5. When a politician is asked a question they do not want to answer, they change the subject.

6. Every politician who holds office, ends up with much more money in the years after they leave office.

7. Many politicians will take a kick back if they are assured they will not get caught.

8. There are no poor politicians.

9. The reason politicians follow polls is because they have no personal convictions.

10. The most grevious word to describe a politician is, “They served the country.” The facts are, the country served them.


  1. scolasticus says:

    I can’t help but think that the issues you raised regarding politicians are more a reflection of the people themselves, as well as democracy.

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